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Waste recycling to improve agricultural yields and reduce fertiliser costs

Inztec Ltd is a waste processing and spreading operation company operating across the East Riding of Yorkshire. They receive multiple waste streams (agricultural and food processing, municipal green and food wastes) to produce stable organic products for use as fertilisers and soil conditioners. Their unique business model involves a share crop scheme with numerous landowners, whereby the wastes are used as the sole source of fertiliser for arable, fodder, horticultural and biomass crops. Production of a profitable income stream from crop sales is integral to this model, and hence efficient beneficial use of the waste products they produce is crucial.


Land Research Associates has worked closely with Inztec over a number years, liaising with the regulatory body (the Environment Agency) to ensure that their waste spreading operations do not negatively impact the environment and that their regulatory requirements are met efficiently without negative impacts on the timings of their waste spreading operations. This includes undertaking waste processing permit and deployment applications, as well as the production of an Environmental Management System We have developed strong links with key personnel at the Environment Agency and enabled Inztec and the regulators to meet the competing demands of environmental safety and profitability.

Our work with Inztec has also included field trials of different fertiliser blends, to improve nutrient supply and timing and prevent losses to the environment. Our work has enabled Inztec to retain much greater proportions of their processed waste (which previously was outsourced to other waste operators at considerable cost) as well as increasing crop yields and quality, thus increasing income from agricultural sales.

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