Soil Surveys, Environmental Assessment & Land Management

Mining, Quarrying and Landfill Soil Surveys

The quality of land reinstatement and mineral working and landfill can be an important factor in obtaining permission for subsequent projects.

LRA_contact_us.pngLand Research Associates has long experience in helping mineral and landfill operators improve restoration quality through careful planning and attention to detail at all stages of the working, reinstatement and aftercare of a site.  Our past research for government1 and its contribution to published guidance places us in an unparalleled position to help.  The services we provide include:

  • Pre-working surveys and reports - we are experts in classifying agricultural land and characterising soil resources to ensure that the most suitable soil materials are retained for the desired afteruse.
  • Working schemes - avoiding loss of resources and ensuring that stockpiling is carefully planned are important aspects of a working scheme. We can develop working schemes to make best use of resources.
  • Expert evidence - several contentious applications have been won for our clients at inquiry. 
  • Supervision - we can provide on-site supervision of sensitive soil handling operations, as sometimes required for translocation of ecologically important soil resources and habitats from donor to receptor sites.
  • Aftercare - we advise on aftercare needs for ecological and agricultural restorations.

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1 The research report Evaluation of Mineral Sites Restored to Agriculture is available from the link below: