Soil Surveys, Environmental Assessment & Land Management

What is a Soil Scientist?

Soil is a natural non-renewable resource which:

  • Forms the building blocks of terrestrial ecosystems
  • Controls the flow of water, sediment, nutrients and pollutants to streams and rivers
  • Sustains global food production
  • Forms a key sink and source of greenhouse gases

A soil scientist gathers, interprets and evaluates information about the chemistry, biology and physics of soils to inform and influence issues as diverse as:

  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Ecology
  • Environmental and human health
  • Urban regeneration


Consequently soil scientists may be involved in:

  • Soil survey and mapping for a range of purposes
  • Agricultural land classification for environmental impact assessment
  • Hydrological and pollutant studies
  • Managing soils on construction sites
  • Landscape design
  • A regulatory role for government
  • Recycling wastes to land
  • Brownfield land reclamation and restoration
  • Forensic investigations and expert evidence
  • Habitat creation and restoration
  • Laboratory analysis and interpretation of results
  • Academic research
  • Providing advice to farmers

Land Research Associates operate as consultants in many of the above areas with consulting staff possessing first or second degrees in soil science, geography, geology, environmental science, soil sustainability and forestry. Our soil science professionals are fellows or members of the Institute of Professional Soil Scientists, the professional body of the British Society of Soil Science and our soil science expertise is provided in close partnership with other specialist consultants including hydrologists, planners, landscape architects, geotechnical engineers and rural surveyors.


If you need a soil scientist Land Research Associates can almost certainly help.